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There are various ways to get hold of Jay Graydon albums, and here we give you a handful of them - just a few clicks away! For all of the albums released on SONIC THRUST RECORDS, please go to this page to read about them and purchase.

Sonic Thrust Records Direct

Each one of the albums released on Jay Graydon's record label Sonic Thrust Records is available for online purchase at many online stores, like e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CD Universe, and others, in the States, in Europe e.g. via Amazon UK, CDon, Ginza, and for Japan at Tower Records, Japan, and HMV, Japan. Sound bites are offered for most of them.

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If you would rather buy from your favorite cd store closer to home, all of these albums are now available to order at retail stores all over the world via one of the largest one-stop distributors in America - Super D One-Stop. Their database is sent to over 2400 retail stores around the world. Look for YOUR closest store.

Other Albums with Jay's Music

You may also want to get other albums on which Jay's songs are included and for that purpose your best bet is to check out his extensive discography as it shows all his input of all albums through the years and we are adding new releases all the time. You will find a large amount of albums with Jay's music available at many online stores, like, as noted above, e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CDuniverse, and others, in the States, in Europe e.g. via Amazon UK, CDon, Ginza, and for Japan at Tower Records, Japan, and HMV, Japan. Sound bites are offered for most of them.

Spotify Playlists with Jay's Music

You will find low-res versions on most of the songs Jay has written, produced, and/or played on in many playlists at Spotify. From time to time we will offer our own Spotify playlists.



A few of the Sonic Thrust Records albums

Airplay for the Planet - Remastered at 96k AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - Remastered at 96k

Available as a digital download at Bandcamp and since we have been getting so many requests for a physical CD of this remaster, we have released and since the 2002 version of the physical album has sold out, we have decided to make the 2017 remaster available as a physical CD at CD Baby. So, this remaster is derived from a source with more enhancement and with new artwork, and slightly new liner notes. Here are a few comments from Jay on the various releases: Please note that all but two tracks were recorded on a modified MCI 24 track analog recorder. I used the analog mix files to start with. The first CD version released in Japan used the analogue mix files and recorded to 44.1k 16 bit digital for CD. The mastering was fair at best. The next release in 2002 used the digital files and I tweaked EQ as to make sound better using the ADAT EQ, which does not allow automating the EQ.



Extremely well produced straight-ahead NEW instrumental bebop jazz played by top-notch pro musicians, featuring Jay Graydon on guitar. For a totally different side of Jay's versatile music style, check out this extremely well produced straight-ahead instrumental bebop jazz on the - BEBOP - played by top-notch pro musicians - Brandon Fields, Dave Carpenter, Dave Weckl, Bill Cantos, and featuring Jay Graydon on guitar.

Here is a video of one of the tunes from the BEBOP album

Read all about the making of BEBOP during one night's intense recording at GARDEN RAKE STUDIOS ...

Surfers Drive Woodies RAKE AND THE SURFTONES: Surfers Drive Woodies

This is an album which will take you back to the sixties when the surf music waves were high, recorded in a surf style (Dick Dale, Ventures type of thing). Fun music with raw solid energy giving you the feeling of surfing the waves, in the sunset of the endless summer in Hawaii or Southern California, where the swell is running and the waves break perfectly, visualizing the lifestyle of the carefree surfer, riding the surf, driving his Woodie, beach partying and watching the surf scene waiting for the "Big One". RAKE, alias Jay Graydon, plays together with a host of the best studio musicians in the world, e.g. Dean Parks (Steely Dan), Steve Lukather (Toto), David Hungate (Toto), John Ferraro, Joseph Williams (Toto), Jason Scheff (Chicago) and many more. Catchy tunes with an attitude and the fun factor of this recording is shining through big time! Check out this once-in-a-lifetime surf gig with Jay and all of the cats playing in Malibu!

Past To Present - the 70s JAY GRAYDON: Past to Present - the 70s

Classic R&B/POP in super sounds of the 70s - an album as close to AIRPLAY as it will ever get. From the Garden Rake Studios tape vault... super sounds of the 70s... an album as close to AIRPLAY as it will ever get... This 8th album on Jay's own record label Sonic Thrust Records features Jay Graydon on vocals, guitars, bass and some synth stuff; great singers such as Bill Champlin, Marc Jordan, Tata Vega, Lisa DalBello, Ed Whiting and more. On all tracks other musicians include such top names as David Foster, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, David Hungate, Mike Porcaro, Greg Mathieson, to name a few. The album has 20 tracks and this stuff has never been released before. Apart from the main songs, there are a few bonus tracks - fun stuff like TV themes, a jingle, and also 2 instrumental tracks.

Read more about how Past to Present - the 70s was put together.
JaR - SCENE 29 JaR: Scene 29

Imagine Steely Dan meets Airplay and Pages in a blend of strong catchy melodies with subtle lyrical hooks, pop with jazzy flavors and superb performances with a touch of humor. Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum have worked together for many years and having written songs like e.g. GIVE IT UP for DeBarge, HAUNTING ME for Dave Grusin, PLEASURE OVER PAIN and HEART'S HORIZON for Al Jarrreau, LOST WITHOUT HER LOVE for El DeBarge and the super hit WHO'S HOLDING DONNA NOW for DeBarge, they realized they should become a band, to write more songs together and release on their own record label. So they formed the supergroup JaR and released their first album SCENE 29 in 2008, which received rave reviews for the superb songs and stellar production.

The album has received rave reviews. Jay and Randy are currently hard at work on the 2nd JaR album... so stay tuned!
Music From The Planet PLANET 3 FEATURING JAY GRAYDON: Music From The Planet

The music style is adult contemporary pop with many strong melodies - power ballads mixed with tough 80s synth rock, in the spirit of Toto, Chicago and the like. Remastered by Jay and with a previously unreleased Planet 3 song - DREAMERS. All songs are written by the creative songwriters - Jay Graydon and his band partners Clif Magness and Glen Ballard, who also are the musicians and producers behind all the performances and instruments in all songs, under the band name PLANET 3. The ballad "I Don't Want to Say Goodnight" was included on the soundtrack for the film "Navy Seals".
Gems Unearthed PLANET 3 FEATURING JAY GRAYDON: Gems Unearthed

A follow up album by Planet 3 with many previously unreleased songs as well as alternate versions of a few songs from the first Planet 3 album. This is an album that indeed lives up to its title! You will find fun and raw uncut diamonds with major energy like PUSH IT IN, blended with glowing precious stones like the beautiful ballad TONIGHT YOU'RE MINE. "Old" Planet 3 fans will love it and be happy that the second Planet 3 album is finally released and "new" Planet 3 fans will find this album to be a rare gem to discover. This second Planet 3 album opens up a jewel case of treasures for quality music lovers.


Airplay for the Planet - 20th Anniversary Edition - DVD JAY GRAYDON ALL STARS - 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION

The Japan/Scandinavia Tours 1994 and 1996 with documentary bonus material. A Region Free 4 DVD box set, having a few flashbacks from the 1994 and 1996 actual concert footage, a fun and informational band reunion hang at Garden Rake Studios 20 years later, filmed by Todd Homme, and a lot of bonus material, such as for instance a complete explanation by Jay Graydon on how to play his "Peg" solo, as well as a very cool jam session in Jay's garden from 1989 with great musicians, including Steve Lukather, and so much more. Check out our dedicated page Jay Graydon All Stars - 20th Anniversary Edition with many cool photos from the the band reunion at Garden Rake Studios, 20 years later! Watch the trailer and read Jay's comments about this 4 DVD box set ...
Airplay for the Planet - the Video - DVD JAY GRAYDON: Airplay for the Planet - the video

DVD partly based on the instructional video (VHS) Guitar Play For The Planet released in 1995 by Rittor Music, Japan. Jay Graydon talks about a few of the amazing guitar solos on his album Airplay for the Planet and demonstrates how to play them, and more... (DVD). Only a few copies left of this exclusive Jay Graydon instructional video, released in an extremely limited edition so make sure you won't miss out on this rare item.

Here you will find a taste of what is on the DVD.


AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - Remastered at 96k

Available as a digital download at Bandcamp. Produced by Jay Graydon for NEW MUSIC INC. Executive Producer Kenji Sano. Recorded and engineered by Jay Graydon. Mixed by Jay Graydon and Mikal Reid at GARDEN RAKE STUDIOS somewhere on the third planet from the sun. All the wire, cables and patchcords are from MONSTER CABLE. Two of the songs were recorded on the ALESIS A-DAT system and the rest were recorded to analogue tape. Re-mastered by Jay Graydon.
JaR - Sometimes You Win JaR: Sometimes You Win

Exquisite ballad written and performed by stellar songwriting duo JaR (Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum.) This song was included as a bonus track on the Japanese version of JaR - SCENE 29.

The artwork for this single is from the same photo session as for the debut album SCENE 29 and the photographer (Denise Marie Luko) clearly understood the concept of getting the look Jay and Randy were after, being heavily into film noir! The room in which the photos were taken is the Hat and Hare at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.
JAKE & The Rum Man - Hotter Than Hot JAKE & The Rum Man: Hotter Than Hot

Positive, energetic upbeat dance-pop tune by JAKE & the Rum Man (Jay Graydon, Randy Goodrum, and Timothy Hosman), featuring Felicia Barton. Jay Graydon, Randy Goodrum and Timothy Hosman wrote this song for the family motion picture, Gibby, and the style is Pop: Today's Top 40. The movie story is written by Greg Lyon and is about 14-15 year old kids.

The song HOTTER THAN HOT comes into the movie at a dance party just when the girls take over the scene and start dancing and singing. The main character Katie is glad that she decided to attend the dance, hang with her friends, and is really enjoying herself. The climax of the night is this song – HOTTER THAN HOT.
On This Christmas Eve JAY & JOE GRAYDON: On This Christmas Eve

Get into the Christmas spirit and let the velvety smooth voice of Joe Graydon caress your ears in this lovely ballad, arranged and recorded by Jay Graydon in a pop version. (MP3 single). Since so many people have asked for this Christmas song over the years, having heard just a short sound bite of it on Jay Graydon's website many years ago, Jay has decided to make the whole song available as an MP3 download at AMAZON. The song - ON THIS CHRISTMAS EVE - is produced, arranged, performed, mixed and mastered by Jay Graydon. His father Joe Graydon sings the lead vocal. Background vocal by Bill Cantos and Jay can also be heard on the bridge.

A modern arrangement of a Frank Sinatra song with all the brass, sax and horn parts played by Jay Graydon on guitars, with the amazing Sherwood Ball on lead vocals. (MP3 single)

So around the middle of 2008, I happened to watch a Frank Sinatra TV special filmed in the mid 1960’s. The opening song is Day In – Day Out. As always, Frank sang great and the Nelson Riddle arrangement was perfect for the era! What a great team they were! I dug the musicality so much I watched over and over and then began thinking what it would sound like to play the horn parts on guitar playing one part at a time as an experiment. With that in mind, I decided to take on the task of being a one-man band. The experiment turned out to be much fun and the result is a sound of guitars I had not heard before.
- Jay Graydon


Jerry Lopez - Negrita

The solo labor of love by gifted guitarist/singer/songwriter Jerry Lopez, who has toured with the Ricky Martin band and is also a founding member of the band Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns. The album is a harmonious combination of catchy, danceable, fun pop rhythms mixed with passionate velvety smooth ballads - all delivered in a spicy Latin flavor at its best. All new original songs by Jerry Lopez and friends, produced by Jerry and James Hosmer. Co-writers include James Hosmer, Bill Zappia, Paul Dourge, Gilberto Lopez Sr., Gilbert Lopez Jr., David Richardson, and Cocho Arbe.

On track 4 Muñequita you may also enjoy the winding and beautiful harmonic structures of a Jay Graydon solo! The album is distributed by SONIC THRUST RECORDS - Quality music from Jay Graydon.
Steven Lee Group - From The Ground Up STEVEN LEE GROUP: From the Ground Up

Smooth jazz with world class players who bring enthusiasm, integrity and virtuosity to every live performance and have been invited to share the stage with many jazz favorites, including Fattburger, Richard Elliot, Kirk Whalum, Peter White, Everett Harp, and The Rippingtons. Guitarist extraordinaire, Steven Lee leads a group of world class musicians in this ground-breaking CD sure to be a favorite for even the most discerning jazz fanatic! Presented to you by Jay Graydon and Sonic Thrust Records, From the Ground Up delivers a unique blend of jazz influences and the multi-dimensional talent of seasoned players. The album is distributed by SONIC THRUST RECORDS - Quality music from Jay Graydon.


Jay Graydon Works CD


  1. Bill Champlin - What Good Is Love
  2. Airplay - Stranded
  3. The Manhattan Transfer - Twilight Zone / Twilight Tone
  4. Earth, Wind & Fire - After The Love Has Gone
  5. Marc Jordan - I'm A Camera
  6. Boz Scaggs - Then She Walked Away
  7. Al Jarreau - Mornin'
  8. Dionne Warwick - For You
  9. Pages - Fearless
  10. George Benson - Turn Your Love Around
  11. Herbie Hancock - Paradise
  12. Kenny Rogers - This Love We Share
  13. Air Supply - I Can Wait Forever
  14. El DeBarge - Someone
  15. Airplay - Should We Carry On
  16. Valerie Carter - What's Become Of Us
  17. Peter Allen - Pass This Time
  18. Steve Kipner - The Ending
Released by Sony Japan in 2010.

  Jay Graydon Works II CD


  1. Airplay - Nothin' You Can Do About It
  2. Boz Scaggs - Hollywood
  3. Harvey Mason - Till You Take My Love
  4. Marvin Gaye - I Want You
  5. Dionne Warwick & Johnny Mathis - Friends In Love
  6. Dane Donohue - Can't Be Seen
  7. The Waters - Throw A Little Bit Of Love My Way
  8. Donna Summer - MacArthur Park
  9. Bill Champlin - I Don't Want You Anymore
  10. Lou Rawls - Stop Me From Starting This Feeling
  11. Ben Sidran - Kiss In The Night
  12. Gino Vannelli - Where Am I Going
  13. Lance Jyo - The Best Is Yet To Come
  14. Paul Anka - Listen To Your Heart
  15. Andy Williams - Put Your Blues To Bed
  16. Tamara Champlin - Heart Of Glass
Released by Sony Japan in 2017.

Jay's input on each song is noted in the discography for each artist.

Other Notable Albums

Here below a handful of top notch Westcoast albums, which Jay has produced, played on and/or written songs for. You will find more info in his extensive discography and song catalogue which both are constantly growing. There is sooooo much to discover! You will be amazed!

Airplay - AIRPLAY 30th Anniversary EditionAirplay - AIRPLAY 30th Anniversary State Cows - THE SECOND ONEState Cows - THE SECOND ONE State Cows - STATE COWSState Cows - STATE COWS
Pages 1981Pages - PAGES Steely Dan AJASteely Dan - AJA George Benson - TURN YOUR LOVE AROUNDGeorge Benson - TURN YOUR LOVE AROUND
Steve KipnerSteve Kipner - KNOCK THE WALLS DOWN Blue DesertMarc Jordan - BLUE DESERT Breakin' AwayAl Jarreau - BREAKIN' AWAY
JarreauAl Jarreau - JARREAU ExtensionsManhattan Transfer - EXTENSIONS Mecca for ModernsManhattan Transfer - MECCA FOR MODERNS
Friends in LoveDionne Warwick - FRIENDS IN LOVE Rhythm of the NightDeBarge - RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT Through It AllBill Champlin - THROUGH IT ALL


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