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Jay Graydon Recording Sessions


Here you will find all of the recording sessions that Jay Graydon has participated on over the years, with all the tracks he has played on and with all the fellow musicians noted as well. Yea, it will take time to find all the data, scouring through databases and contracts, but as time passes and with your help, dear fans, we are sure to find out all about the tracks and sessions in which Jay has been involved. Please write to us if you have additional data on these sessions below or possibly others, that are not noted, thanks! You will find data on all of Jay's other input (songwriting, producing, arranging etc.) in the discography.

Many supporters and fellow musicians have already helped us tracking down data on some of the recording sessions, and we truly thank Toshi Nakada of COOL SOUND, Bruce Gaitsch, Stephen Bishop, Kenji Sano, Lance Jyo, Marc Jordan, Brian Muratori, Genya Ravan, Paul Howes, George Duke, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Alan O'Day, Terance Healy, Dennis Dreith and Jo-Anne McGettrick at AFM/AFTRA, Gordon Carmadelle at Local 47 in Los Angeles, for your kind help!

For more info on Jay Graydon as a songwriter - here you will find a list of all of the songs Jay Graydon has written to date... and counting...


Since the list of sessions was getting way too long and hard to check out, we have divided it up in separate pages for each year.


Jay Graydon Recording Sessions 1969 -

A few words from Jay about his time as a first call studio musician in the 70s and 80s:

"One year I played over 800 sessions which may be a record. During the 70's, there was so much work for top studio players and especially for guitar players since there were usually 2 or more guitar players on tracking dates. Overdub sessions added to the work calls. It was common to get called for 30 to 40 sessions a week. I would typically accept 20 sessions (4 a day, 5 days a week).

Sessions started in 1968 when I was hired by a great trombonist in the college big band - Ray Jackson. These were mostly demos. Typically Bob Hogins on piano. Al McKay (the guitarist with EWF) was playing drums on some of the session and then started playing guitar on some of the session and stopped playing drums. I was in high school 1966-67, college 1968 and some of 1969.

I played in the LA versions of ICE FOLLIES and HOLIDAY ON ICE and those shows probably started in like 1968 or 1969. The conductor for Ice Follies, Paul Walberg, hired me, but it was another conductor for Holiday On Ice, Holiday On Ice included Bobby McFerrin on piano and John Friesen on drums (later in the band PLAYER).

I was in the house band for 3 TV shows. In THE DAVID STEINBERG SHOW it was me, David Foster, Mike Baird and Lee Sklar. In THE SOUPY SALES SHOW, I played with the guys in the band at that time. In THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW, the cat who hired me is Larry Brown, who played drums on the gig and Jimmy Wyble on 2nd guitar. I played with different artists on THE TONIGHT SHOW (Johnny Carson) and I also played in THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW along with MIDNIGHT SPECIAL and FRIDAYS. Probably some others as well."

There are sooo many sessions to research and we have only just begun, so here we go with the some of them ... yea, so much more to come, so keep hanging around, and again, if you have any info on missing sessions, please send us a note Any hints you can give us will be highly appreciated.


THE FIRST (known) SESSIONS IN 1965 and 1967

Bring Your Love To Me The Veltones

Repr. Album:
No Album Released
Jay Graydon Guitar, Songwriter Joe Lopez Guitar Dennis Kelly Guitar Bob Carrafield Drums


Black Narcissus Joe Henderson

Repr. album:
John Heard Bass Stanley Clarke Bass Charlie Haden Bass Ron Carter Bass Dave Holland Bass Ron McClure Bass Jean-Fran Bass David Friesen Bass Victor Gaskin Bass Kunimitsu Inaba Bass Alphonso Johnson Bass Byron Miller Bass Dave Holland Bass (Electric) Alphonso Johnson Bass (Electric) Victor Pantoja Chant Michael White Composer Tony Waters Conga Nat Adderley Cornet Jack DeJohnette Drums Lee Konitz Drums Stanley Clarke Drums Louis Hayes Drums Daniel Humair Drums Lenny White Drums Leon "Ndugu" Chancler Drums Eric Gravatt Drums Motohiko Hino Drums Roy McCurdy Drums Harvey Mason, Sr. Drums Woody Shaw Flugelhorn Luis Gasca Flugelhorn Snooky Young Flugelhorn Joe Henderson Flute Hadley Caliman Flute Jeremy Steig Flute Ray Pizzi Flute Vince Denham Flute Ernie Watts Flute Joe Henderson Flute (Alto) Lee Ritenour Guitar James Blood Ulmer Guitar David Amaro Guitar Jay Graydon Guitar George Wadenius Guitar John Thomas Guitar Alice Coltrane Harmonica Alice Coltrane Harmonium Alice Coltrane Harp Joe Henderson Main Performer Kenneth Nash Percussion Bill Summers Percussion Joe Henderson Percussion Ralph MacDonald Percussion Airto Moreira Percussion Arthur Jenkins Percussion Baba Duru Oshun Percussion George Duke Piano Herbie Hancock Piano Mark Levine Piano George Cables Piano Don Friedman Piano Joachim Kühn Piano Larry Willis Piano Joe Zawinul Piano Kenny Barron Piano Alice Coltrane Piano Hideo Ichikawa Piano Herbie Hancock Piano (Electric) George Cables Piano (Electric) Hideo Ichikawa Piano (Electric) Orrin Keepnews Producer Pete Yellin Reeds Pete Yellin Reeds (Multiple) Lee Konitz Sax (Alto) Joe Henderson Sax (Alto) Joe Henderson Sax (Tenor) Hadley Caliman Sax (Tenor) David Horowitz Synthesizer Patrick Gleeson Synthesizer Nat Adderley Synthesizer Patrick Geeson Synthesizer Baba Duru Oshun Tabla Alice Coltrane Tambourine Carmelo Garcia Timbales Curtis Fuller Trombone Julian Priester Trombone Grachan Moncur III Trombone George Bohannon Trombone Nicholas Ten Broeck Trombone Donald Waldrop Trombone Woody Shaw Trumpet John Hunt Trumpet Mike Lawrence Trumpet Luis Gasca Trumpet Oscar Brashear Trumpet Snooky Young Trumpet Donald Waldrop Tuba Michael White Violin Flora Purim Vocals Ernie Hood Zither


Jay stopped doing record dates after 1980, more or less. He still did a few, but not very often, as songwriting and producing took more and more of his time. These days Jay is not doing any "regular" recording session gigs, as he has his own recording studio GARDEN RAKE STUDIOS, and typically works from there.


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