Jay Graydon Digital Downloads

All of Jay Graydon's albums released on Sonic Thrust Records are available for purchase via our partner CD BABY. Apart from the physical albums you may also buy the entire albums as MP3 downloads. Six of the albums are Jay Graydon's own solo projects, 2 are MP3 single projects of his, 2 albums are distribution projects for other artists. Check out the Jay Graydon Music Store for a complete overview of all the releases on Sonic Thrust Records. Extensive album descriptions are available at the ALL-IN-ONE page at CD BABY.

Jay's most recent project with highly acclaimed songwriter/musician Randy Goodrum - as the supergroup JaR, is available via their website.

In brief - this is what you get when buying an MP3 from CD BABY:

An MP3 album as a zip file with a folder containing...

  • - MP3 files, one per-song, for easy use in any computer, iPod, or MP3 player
  • - A JPEG image of the album cover
  • - A text file full of info from that album's page: song titles, notes, and links


There is no DRM or tracking on the MP3 files. We trust you to support independent musicians, and tell your friends to buy a copy, too. DRM is disrespectful. CD BABY customers are the most amazing paying fans of independent music in the world, and should be treated with the highest respect.

They are regular MP3 files that play easy on ANY MP3 player you fans use, whether iPod, cellphone, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. The MP3s are encoded at top-audiophile-quality (~200k VBR), higher than iTunes or any other major store.

Now also single song-purchase

You may also buy single songs in mp3 format either directly from CD BABY or via their digital partners, e.g. iTunes-Europe, iTunes-Japan, Apple iTunes, iTunes-UK, Napster, Rhapsody, MusicNet, iTunes-Canada, iTunes-Australia, Amazon, Spotify, and many more. Links to the iTunes downloading service may be found next to each song on this page.

You may of course choose to purchase the physical albums as well. Just click on the buy buttons below. Please note, STRCD-005 - Jerry Lopez/NEGRITA is out of print as a physical CD, but it is available as an MP3 download as noted above and all tracks are also available as digital downloads one-by-one. Click on any of the albums here below to purchase the item.